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Owl Prowl in Seward Park Thursday, June 8.

  Now that I am back at my job at Seward Park Audubon Center I have been leading Center Prowls once a week on Wednesdays.  These typically fill within an hour or so following their postings on Chickadee Chatter (our Audubon Center weekly email ; go to  seward to subscribe (free) and receive our schedule each Thursday). I still lead private outings as so many of you have requested, just not in the same quantity as prior to my rehiring.  I am happy to post a private Owl Prowl on Thursday July 8th starting at 8:30 pm in Seward Park   We have a very active Barred Owl pair and a family of Barn Owls so prowling had been very rewarding!   As always, email me to register and I will send out a memo with details a couple of nights prior to the prowl.  I try to keep my prices very reasonable...$25.00 per attendee please.  I will take up to 15 participants.  Stay cool and hope to see you in July! Ed

Warblers of Washington on YouTube

I n case you missed my prentation on Warblers of Washington last week, here is a link to watch it on You Tube.  hope you enjoy! watch

Low Tide Beach Walk Friday, June 25th at 11:00 am

  Last year I posted a YouTube video on the Lewis's Moon you can join me in exploring the intertidal zone in search of these and other amazing marine creatures!  Meet me at 11:00 am this Friday, June 25th at Cormorant Cove Mini-Park on Alki in West Seattle.  Please send me an email to register: $25.00 per person please.  We will spend a couple of hours wading and exploring this rich habitat at our lowest tide of the year.  Hope to see you there! Ed

Warblers in Washington live zoom presentation June 17th 6:00 pm

 I am happy to share my love of warblers with you in a live zoom show titled Warblers in Washington, Annual visitors From the Tropics this Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.  Warblers are beautiful yellow songbirds that grace our region every spring and summer but are notoriously difficult to see: they are constantly on the move, flitting through trees and shrubs as though wired on caffein!  I will provide tips on how to identify twelve warbler species by sight and (especially) by song.  If you delight in the arrival of these little jewels each spring, or you have been frustrated trying to figure out which warbler is which, this presentation is for you!   Please signup for the FREE zoom link at    click on "Events" and register. Hope you will join me Thursday and learn more about these remarkable long distance migrants! Ed