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Washington Trails Association Article

I nterested in learning about the birds you see and hear on the trail? I recently did this collaborative with Washington Trails Association on birding and hiking, check it out! It will add a new dimension to your hiking enjoyment. WTA.ORG Bird Watching Hikes in Washington: Where to See Birds, Birbs and Borbs Bird

October 21st Owl Prowl and...Mushroon Season!

  A happy follow-up to my previous post: both of the Seward Park barred owls are alive and well!  The dead owl that I reported to you earlier was obviously a vagrant, probably juvenile, that was looking to find its own territory.  What caused its demise is may have even been attacked and killed by our resident barred owls!  In any case both barred and barn owls are very active in Seward Park so please join me on Thursday, October 21st and we'll go out prowling for these incredible birds.  As always, email me to register.  Additionally, October is mushroom time and I am offering several Mushroom Walks through Seward Park Audubon Center.  The da tes are listed on our website: under "events".  Hope to see you soon! Ed Seward Park barred owl p hoto courtesy of Molly Cvetovac