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August 19th Owl Prowl and the sad loss of one of our Barred Owls

 Our Barn owl family has been very vocal in Seward Park: three hungry juveniles and busy parents trying to keep their offspring fed and satisfied.  Join me at 8:00 pm this Thursday in Seward Park by the restroom adjacent to the Audubon center and we will watch the excitement! Please email me to register at  $25.00 per person please. On a sad note, last week I found one of our barn owls dead on the lake trail just north of the pottery studio.  She had puncture wounds to the neck and face and right beside her was a fresh pile of dog poop (no hair, ruling out coyote).  She and her mate were strongly pair-bonded and my owl prowl participants have viewed them for months sitting side-by-side on tree branches, grooming one another, and acting, well, like lovebirds!  Sunday morning on a Bird Outing I led with our Audubon Center, we saw the male (the smaller of the two) on a branch just above us.  We enjoyed a nice long viewing as he winked, scratched his head, had a good p