Birding March 31st at Carkeek Park and April 1st Owl Prowl in Seward Park

 March is indeed going out like a lamb!  Sunny weather and warming afternoons suggest...let's go birding!  Meet me in Carkeek Park at 10:00 am Wednesday morning; we will bird the gulch trail by ear, then check out the water birds in the bay.  The owls in Seward Park have been very active so let's go explore Thursday, April 1st (no fooling!) at 7:30 pm.  As always, email me to register!

I want to announce that in thanks to so many of you who have joined me on multiple outings I am offering Join Me for Three, the fourth is On Me!  If you have shared three outings, I will comp you a fourth trip at no charge!  I so appreciate all of you and your enthusiasm for the natural world!  Thank you very much!!!


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