Owl Prowl Thursday, July 29 and Bat Trek Wednesday, July 28.

 It's raptor fledging season!  All over our region juvenile eagles, hawks, osprey, falcons and owls are flying from their nests for the first time.  They are fun to watch as they work to master these two big appendages that we call wings!  Particularly in takeoffs and landings, they are prone to out of balance lurching and wobbling.  Although they will soon be masters of the skies, they are still totally dependent on their parents for food; raptor hunting and fishing are complex skill sets that will take several weeks for these youngsters to develop.  In Seward park we have 5 cooper's hawk juvies, two bald eagles youngsters, and two, possibly three barn owl young that are discovering their new world.  Join me this Thursday at 8:15 pm in Seward Park to watch the barn owls as they make their presence known through begging calls and short flights from their nest tree.  $25.00 per person please and email me edomino.ed@gmail.com to confirm your registration.  The evening before, Wednesday the 28, I am leading a Bat Trek in Seward Park:  sign up at sewardpark.audubon.org to register, no charge, we will meet at the Audubon Center at 9:00 pm.  hope to see you this week!



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